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The Safety Zone

The Safety Zone

Christmas is fast approaching.

That’s right. We’re in December territory now.

Along with the joys of holiday celebrations and family reunions comes the stress of gift buying. If you’re strapped on gift ideas this year, the Zombie Safe Zone Map is perfect for anyone who’s obsessed with zombies. Or survival. Or art.

Ryan McArthur of Design Different has created an evacuation plan that you’d be proud to display on any mantel, shelf, or wall. It’s aesthetic beauty meets practicality meets our pop cultural love affair of all things apocalyptic.



Should there be a zombie outbreak (or some other meltdown of civilization) in the near future, you’ll find yourself well prepared for escape because each map includes the following information: 

• The distance from your city to the nearest safe zone

• Directions and a time estimate

• Natural resources that can be found inside the safe zone 


There’s also a full U.S. map version available, as well as options for other countries and provinces. And if you’re scrolling through the site and can’t find a map that shows your place of residence, you can custom order one here.

So this year, instead of springing for a rock hard fruitcake or yet another pair of fuzzy slippers, give your loved ones the gift of life… via a safe zone map.

And now, because I’ve had Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” playing through my mind the entire time I was writing this post, I leave you with this (you can blast it through your car as you’re fleeing for your life):


Do you enjoy apocalyptic thrillers? Check out our free book, Unbound Originshere.

Photos courtesy of Ryan McArthur

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  1. This is so cool!! I checked out the Oregon one and the Safe Zone is maybe half an hour south from where my parents live!! And my dad is kind of an end of the world hoarder…

  2. This blog if awesome! I’m loving the stories. Keep them coming!

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