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Slurping Survival

Slurping Survival

You’ve heard the Boy Scouts motto: Be prepared.

Because you never know when that zombie outbreak will head your way.

Okay, okay, so you’ll probably never have to worry about escaping a swarming horde of the living dead (but…maybe). However, as catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 demonstrate, there’s a real chance that your hometown might someday experience wide scale devastation. And in times of disaster, access to food, water, and shelter can be severed.

So whether you live in hurricane prone areas, earthquake zones, or Tornado Alley, it’s always wise to take some steps for emergency preparedness. I’m not suggesting you go all Doomsday Preppers (yes I am; prep your hearts out), but it’s smart to have a plan in place should life suddenly take a drastic turn.

Thus, today I want to take some time to highlight this nifty gadget – The LifeStraw.  

Most experts say that a person can only last lifestrawabout three days without water. There might be a few exceptions (like this guy, this dude, and this lady). I highly recommend you don’t try for the Guinness record, though.

If you’re on the run from rising floodwaters, civil unrest, or the evil undead some unspecified threat, the LifeStraw could indeed be a lifesaving instrument.

It has a built in filter that, according to the manufacturers, removes bacteria and protozoa from your H2O source before the liquid touches your lips. What does that mean? Basically, you can stick this baby straight into muddy puddles/stagnant ponds/dirty dish water and come away gulping (relatively) clean agua.

Other impressive stats: The straw filters up to 264 gallons of water – way more than my old Brita filter – and has an indefinite shelf life. You can leave it on a closet shelf for the next 20 years, and it should still work fine.

What really won me over is the fact that it’s so compact and portable. I mean, yeah, it’s gigantic for a “straw,” but I don’t have the capacity to schlep gallons of water on my person as I run from an apocalyptic nightmare. But a straw? I can carry a straw.

I purchased mine at my local Bass Pro Shop, but if you don’t live close to one, you can order them here at a comparable price.

Bonus: When I was looking over the package, I saw this statement on the back: “For every LifeStraw purchased, one student in Kenya receives clean water for one school year. Our goal is to provide clean water for 500 schools in 2014. Thank you for making this possible!”

You’re welcome, LifeStraw. You’re welcome.


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