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Netflix Fail

Netflix Fail

So I was scrolling through Netflix last night, trying to find something I could watch to unwind from the day, when I came across a new category: More Like the Walking Dead.

I thought to myself, “Huh. I wonder how many films/TV shows/documentaries share commonalities with The Walking Dead.”

As I searched through the options, it quickly became evident that some of these things just didn’t belong.




Sorry, Netflix. Maybe you should go rework some of those algorithms.

Can you guys see any connections?


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  1. I don’t know… These titles seem pretty creapy to me!

  2. Loved it ❤️Kept me reading !

  3. I notice a comment or 2 saying the netflixtitles look scary? Maybe I’m looking wrong cause I see zero connection.Anyhoo,I’m about to check the book out…:-)

  4. We agree Netflix needs to change some title similarities around!

  5. I agree! I get excited to see what is like the stuff i like and just plain randomness. I like to use the phone app, i does seem to do a little better job. :)

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