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I Spy…

I Spy…

“You are wasting time. I know nothing.”

Dominic’s chair screeched across the concrete floor as he leaned back. With his icy glare and the bulky arms he folded across his chest, he knew he made a formidable opponent. Unfortunately, so did the Russian diplomat sitting across the table from him. “All right, Mr. Antonovich, let’s try this one more time before I bring in reinforcements. What do you know about the massacre at Seattle BioMed?”

One of the fluorescent lights flickered overhead. The atmosphere in the tiny makeshift interrogation room grew stifling as the minutes slinked by in maddening silence.

Piotr Antonovich remained unfazed. Stone façade firmly in place, he answered, “Agent Lewis, I have told you: I know nothing.”

“That’s interesting.” Dominic scooped up his file from the table, retrieved a series of pictures, and proceeded to lay them side by side in front of the uncooperative diplomat. If that’s what he really was. Dominic knew espionage when he saw it, but his hands were tied by bureaucratic red tape at the moment.

Antonovich’s eyes flickered down to the gruesome images, but other than the almost imperceptible narrowing of his gaze, he showed no emotional reaction.

“So you know nothing about the lynch mob that attacked and murdered these eighteen researchers last month?”

“I know nothing.”

“Mmmm.” Dominic laid down another photo and tapped the glossy image. “See this young woman? Heather Cook. Brilliant aspiring bioengineer. She was the top of her class at Johns Hopkins.” His index finger traced the line of crusted blood at her throat. “Too bad somebody garroted her and strung her up like bait on a fishing line.” He glanced up.

Still no reaction.

“Beautiful, wasn’t she, Piotr? Look at those eyes, that silky brown hair… You know who she looks like?“ Still no reaction. “Tatiana. She was the same age, too. It’d be a shame if something like that happened to your fiancé.”

Okay, that got a reaction. Antonovich bolted from his chair, his cuffed hands rising in threat. Dominic braced himself for a hit. But the “diplomat” managed to restrain himself. Plunking back into his seat, he chafed against the steel bands at his wrists and growled, “Stay away from Tatiana.”

“You guys were set to get married last week, right? Must be killing you that you’ve been stuck here.” Dominic took the last picture from the file. He studied the cluster of people before setting the photo down. Some of the mob shook their fists in self-righteous anger, some appeared sickened and distraught, and some wore smiles of grim satisfaction while they watched a hanging take place. He tapped the image of the person hovering in the far left corner. Though the man’s face was obscured by a baseball cap and a heavy shadow of whiskers, the features were unmistakable. “Well, looky here. For someone who knows nothing about this incident, you sure had a front row view of the show.”

Antonovich glowered at him.

“At this rate, it doesn’t look like you’ll be returning to the mother land anytime soon, pal.” He tsked. “Poor Tatiana. She was really looking forward to that honeymoon in Paris. Of course, Paris was just put under quarantine, so I guess that’s out of the question. And we received word that there was an outbreak in Saint Petersburg, so it looks like trouble’s hit your hometown too. Tatiana could really use some protection right now.”

Nostrils flaring, Antonovich asked, “What do you want?”

“All we know is that you show up to Seattle and – BAM – the next day there’s a mass riot and lynching. A lynching you attended, I might add. A little more than coincidental, dontcha think?” He leaned in close, hands braced on the table. “Those scientists could have been onto something. They might have figured out a cure by now. Instead, over half of Seattle’s population is now infected or dead, and this blight on humanity is reaching global proportions.”

“I had nothing to do with Seattle BioMed.” The veins protruding at the man’s neck told Dominic that Antonovich had reached his breaking point.

“Then why are you and three of your delegates here?”

“We are looking for the girl, same as you!”

Though Antonovich didn’t mention any names, Dominic knew they were on the same page. So the Russians were looking for “the girl.” A certain blue-eyed, blonde haired girl that was at the top of everyone’s search list.

“Really?” That piqued Dominic’s interest. “Why is that? Don’t trust our justice system?”

“We have our reasons, same as you.”

But Dominic thought he saw ulterior motives gleaming in Antonovich’s eyes. Maybe the Russians knew more than they were letting on. Had they managed to hack into Langley’s system? He cleared his throat. “She was last sighted in Alabama. What brought you to Washington? You guys know something we don’t?”

Antonovich was through cooperating. “We know nothing.”


The door of the interrogation room swung open, and a sweet rush of cool air swept in. Dominic’s partner, Jonah Phillips, entered, frustration screwed into his tight features. He leaned in and whispered the words Dominic dreaded hearing most.

Dominic frowned. “We can’t put in for an appeal?”

Phillips shook his head. “Carver’s already given his approval.”

Limbs straining with barely contained anger, Dominic turned rigidly to his detainee. “All right, Piotr Sergeyev Antonovich, it looks like you’re free to go.” You worthless, lying snake.

A slow smile spread across the Russian’s face, though his eyes remained hard as granite. “Thank you, Agent Lewis. I knew that eventually we would see eye to eye.”

It didn’t have so much to do with seeing eye to eye as it did the political game. Thousands of people had already died, thousands more were projected to die, and still no end in sight. And no one to hold accountable.

Ambassador Young entered the room to escort Antonovich out. Piotr stood and stretched, smug satisfaction radiating from him as he strutted toward the door. He paused. “Oh, Agent Lewis?”

Dominic turned.

“I am sorry to hear about your family.” The sinister smirk edging up his lips belied the condolences.

Rage shot up Dominic’s spine. He started forward.

“Lewis!” Phillips clamped his hands around Dominic’s arms as Dominic attempted to charge the antagonistic Ruski.

Struggling to control his turbulent emotions, he swallowed hard. But the news he’d received last week hit him again like a sledgehammer. His sister had attacked his family. Killed every single one of them. Lisa, the baby of the family. The one who rescued stray kittens and cried at weddings and baby showers. She’d turned into one of those rabid animals. A zombie, as they’d come to be called. She’d gnawed their mom’s face down to the bone, then cracked open the skull, and – Dominic shook himself. Glaring at Antonovich, he spat, “You can go to hell.”

Phillips speared him with a disparaging look. What? Oh, God forbid he offend the almighty, untouchable “diplomat.” They all knew Antonovich was a spy.

But the Russian seemed to take no offense. With a sardonic smile, Antonovich exclaimed, “Ah, moi droog, look at what is happening to the world around you!” He spread out his arms and laughed, the sound low and grating. “Mi oozhe tam.” He continued to bark out laughter as Ambassador Young led him down the hall and out of view.

The abrasive guffaws dissipated, and an uneasy silence fell over the interrogation room.

Dominic looked to his partner, whose linguistic skills were far more advanced than his own. “Mi oozhe tam?”

Frowning, Phillips translated: “We are already there.”


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Photo Credit: Mindsay Mohan via Compfight cc

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  1. You captured the situation perfectly, no one being held accountable for all that is going on around them. I have a feeling if something like this ever does happen, the reality will mirror your story! Another great piece, keep them coming!!!

  2. Jeffrey Goff says:

    Another good one! Nice touch to throw some good old Cold War angst into the boiling mix. Nicely done.

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  4. Intriguing!! Love it!

  5. Amazing! Couldn’t take my eyes off until the end! Can’t wait to read the rest!

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